Antiscalant for MSF/Desalination Unit

Wex MSF antiscalant is a high performance liquid product for the control of scaling and particulate fouling in seawater multistage flash distillation plants. It is effective against alkaline scale formation across the full range of top brine temperature (TBT) in use today. It is particularly recommended for use in plants operating at temperature greater than 1000C where total control of particulate fouling and sludging is critical for maintaining thermal efficiency.

The product is a synergistic blend of chelants, sequestrates and polycarboxylates and effectively combines both the threshold inhibition and crystal distortion properties of the actives in the product. It reduces cleaning frequency and associated costs while maintaining the economy ratio of the plant for extended periods of time.

It is compatible with chlorine and other oxidizing agents and exhibits excellent thermal stability. The product is dosed continuously to the make up line at a suitable point and often additional benefits are obtained with split dosing in multiple effect plants.