Wex offers membrane Antiscalants for a wide range of diverse scalants.

Our Genesys brand of scale inhibitors saves you downtime and commercial losses.

  • Highly effective antiscalant across a broad spectrum of water types.
  • Minimises scaling and reduces the frequency of membrane cleaning.
  • Reduces and in many cases eliminates the need for acid addition.
  • Reduces water consumption and maintains efficient plant operation by safely operating system at high recovery rates.
  • Compatible with all membrane types.
  • Effective in preventing iron and manganese fouling.
  • Prevents the need to replace expensive membranes prematurely.
  • Produces less concentrate and allows for better environmental acceptance of that concentrate. 
  • Reduces energy costs. 
  • Reduces the downtime caused by frequent membrane cleanings.


There are many cleaning options available, although cleaning programmes are more effective when the foulant is known. Membrane cleaning is an important part of any reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, ultra-filtration, or micro-filtration maintenance program. Wex offers a range of cleaning products, which are acid and alkali based, designed to remove most foulants and restore performance in all types of membrane systems.

All our Genesol range of products are approved by the world’s leading membrane manufacturers, have been formulated and tested at our associates research laboratories in Spain, and have been proved in numerous operating systems around the world.

Our team can help determine the cleaner that will work best for your application.


Attention to good water pre-treatment helps prevent fouling and scaling. Genefloc, our pre-treatment filter aid –coagulant, is designed for use before multimedia filters to improve the performance of the filter, reduce SDI and membrane fouling.

Geneflocfilter aids are compatible with reverse osmosis membranes and Genesys range of antiscalant. Good pre-treatment reduces cleaning downtime, membrane fouling and operating cost.


Micro-organism and organics present in the water form biofilm and foul membrane systems. Genesolmicrobicides minimize the impact of bio-growth on the operation of your RO system.

Genesol range of biocides are membrane safe and can be used online or offline. The right biocide program reduces your need for membrane cleaning thereby reducing the overall cost of operation.

It is advisable to verify regulatory requirements and membrane compatibility before implementing a biocide program. 


A small piece of membrane sent to our lab can be thoroughly analysed & investigated to determine the cause of membrane failure.

Membrane Autopsy is a comprehensive program designed to maximize your membrane system investment.  The program includes recommended services which help keep reverse osmosis (RO) systems operating at peak performance and extends the effective operational life of those membranes.

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